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Why do I receive my new invoice so shortly after my first invoice?


Depending on the payment period of each product invoices are created by our system on every 1st of

the month. The accounting always takes place one month before the start of the new service period.


If a new contract is added during a month, it may happen that the new invoice is not created exactly

one month after the first invoice but earlier.


The reason is EUserv's billing cycle with a beginning on every 1st of the month for all contracts that

have to be settled during the current month. The goal is to create invoices as less as possible and to 

save you and us time and costs.


An example:

If an EUserv product with a monthly contract term is ordered on September 29th and provided at the

same day, the contract will be charged as follows:

September 29th to October 29th by invoice #1 on September 29th
October 29th to November 29th by invoice #2 on October 15th
November 29th to December 29th by Invoice # 3 on November 1st

All future invoices for this contract  will be accounted on every 1st of the month.


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