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How does a Webreboot/ Webreset works at my Server?

If you trigger viavia customer panel, API or Apppanel a Webreboot/ Webreset, the following steps become in force at your server:


  1. System powers down your Server stromlos (power off)
  2. System waits 30 to 60s to ensure powerless of all electronic components.
  3. System powers on the hardware.

Which steps performs the server after power on in step 3?


  1. The server  powers on if BIOS settings are correct. (Status after Power failure = on)
  2. Server hardware performs a boot selftest and powers on KVM over IP / IPMI module if present. This takes um to 120s.
  3. Server starts the NIC and checks, if an OS is ready for loading via network. If not, thenserver starts the installed OS.

It may be that the server performs a Filesystem check after reboot. This may take a long time depending on your partition size. We recommend to disable FS check or perform it in rescue mode.

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