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Shutdown -h: How can I reactivate my server?

The server is in the so-called "soft-off" status.


Possible Cause:

have accidentally shut down your server with a "shutdown -h" or similar command (no reboot). The server is no longer accessible.

The servers are set up in the BIOS in such a way that they switch on again after a power-down / soft-off when the server is disconnected from the power supply via the webreset.

To start the server please use:

  • Webreboot via customer center or app


  • Activation of the rescue system via the customer center or app with the reset of the hook

The Webreset system does the following:

  1. Switch off power supply.
  2. Wait a few seconds until all the mainboard components are powerless.
  3. Switch on power supply again.

Known problems:
In a few cases for the Webreboot not to success. This may be e.g. Due to lack of support in the server BIOS ( "Status After Power Failure"). In such a case, please contact the Customer Center -> Options to request a service request with the desired response time to a technician and indicate that the technician should manually switch the server back on. Please note: The technician order is usually payable.


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