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How long does it take to replace my server or parts of my server?

Faulty hardware will be replaced according to the valid SLA (Service Level Agreement) of your server plan. An overview of all available service levels (SLA) can be found on our websites.


What can be replaced during a server replacement?

As a general rule, if a hardware component is not installed as "hot swap" (e.g. hot swap hard disk drives with Hardware RAID), the entire server will be replaced. This is due to avoid long downtimes of the server, because work-intensive checks of hardware and compatibility will be carried out during the replacement of the components.


How long takes the replacement?

The standard SLA (included in all server plans) includes the replacement of the hardware within 48 h on the next workday. The prerequisite is that a replacement for the broken hardware is available.


Tips and recommendations for increasing the availability of a server

In most cases only the HDDs go down after about 2-3 years, depending on your usage. HDDs can be automatically monitored for failures with tools like "smartctl". For servers with installed Hardware Raid and hot swap (e.g. Pro64 series) the replacement of the HDDs can be carried out without any downtime, if you leave the controller config as it is.

For all other hardware failures the replacement will take 48 h NBD ("Next Business day") without any additional SLA. In most cases the replacement will be done faster. We recommend a good planned replacement of your server after a running time of 3-4 years.

For business-critical applications we recommend ordering 2 or more servers within a VLAN + IP-subnet to guarantee a high availability. For VLAN and an own IP-subnet a server is neccessary, which supports the Pro Option.

Generally we recommend a  balanced mixture of additional SLA and servers tailored to your business model.

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