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How do I set up the FTP upload under NetObjects Fusion 5 ?

NetObjects Fusion 5

Click the button "Publish" 1 in the menu bar first and then on "Servers" 2.

There are two ways of publishing the pages: 

On the one hand the pages can be stored locally on the own computer and subsequently transferred to the FTP server by means of a FTP program ("Local). On the other hand you can transfer the pages directly to the FTP server ("Remote").

Choose "Remote" and click "New Server" to create a new server profile.

Enter a name that describes the server or use the standard name in the field "Name" 1.
Enter your provider's FTP host into the field "FTP Host" 2.
Enter your main web directory "/www/data" into the field Feld "Directory" 3. (case sensitive!).
Enter the username from the activation eMail into the field "User name" 4. (case sensitive!).
Enter the password from the activation eMail into the field "Password" 5.

Click "OK" to save the settings.

Navigate to the task bar and click "Publish" -> "Generate".

Select your saved server profile here 1.
To edit the server profil click "Define Servers" 2.

Below you can select whether you want to transfer a whole page, only selected pages or just a paragraph.

Now click "Generate" to publish your website.

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