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How do I set up the FTP upload under Cute-FTP ?

Cute-FTP 2.6.1

After installing the program proceed as follows:

Run the program and confirm the window with the evaluation notification by clicking Accept.

Click Add site to set up your FTP access for the web server.

Assign a name
 to the FTP access for your web server

Provide the host address
you received with the activation eMail (IP address of the web server or the name of your main domain, e.g.

Enter your user name and your password
you received with the activation data. The password is only visible as a row of asterisks.

Set your local home directory
, where all websites are stored that you have created.

Now click OK – the emaining presets are correct mostly. Further information can be found using the program's help function. Make sure that you are ‚Online’, and select the FTP site you have just created, click Connect now.

Now the FTP connection with your web server will be established and you should see a login message which you will have to confirm with OK.

Now you can see the FTP directory with some sub directories (folder) on the right side and the files from your website directory on your local PC on the left side.


Change into the "/data" resp. the "" directory on your FTP server.
Please keep in mind that you are always in the sub directory "/data" if you want to modify website files. In case the necessary directories are modified or corrupted, functioning and accessability of your web server are affected very bad or can be completely dysfunctional.


In order to Transfer the files select files and directories you want to transfer from the left side and drag them into the right side with the mouse.

When all files have been transferred you can start the browser, enter your Internet address and have a look at the transferred files.

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