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How do I set up the FTP upload under MS FrontPage XP ?

MS FrontPage XP

After starting FrontPage click "Publish Web" in the menu bar.

After that the following window opens up.

Here you enter "" in the text field and click "OK" to establish a connection to a server on the Internet.

Enter the username from the activation eMail into the field "Name"(1) (case sensitive!).
Enter the password from the activation eMail into the field "Kennwort"(2).
Confirm your input with "OK".

Now click the "Einblenden" button to show the following window.

Now you are in your main web directory "/www/data".

The left side shows the files of your PCs(1), the right side displays the files located in the home directory on the server.
Before you can copy the files you have to select them with the mouse(1).
By clicking the button "Veröffentlichen"(2) the selected files will be transferred to the selected server(3).

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