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How can I upload my files on the EUserv webspace with FileZilla ??

In order to establish an FTP connection with your EUserv webspace you will need an FTP client. As such FileZila is most applicable for this.

It also provides secure (TLS/SSL) connections.

Open FileZilla and click on the "File" tab where you will find the "Site Manager".



On the bottom left you will now see the options to create, delete, copy, rename etc. a server.



Click the button "New Site" here.

Now a new server is being created which you can assign a name to.

Now enter the name of your EUserv server address under the "General" tab:

Under "Servertype" select FTPES  (FTP over explicit TLS/SSL).

Choose the option "Normal" under "Logontype"'.

Enter your username and password here.

Click on the "Advanced" tab and enter /www/data/ under the option "Default remote directory".


Finally click on "Connect".

An SSL certificate will be displayed to you which you will have to confirm by clicking "OK".

Now you are granted access on your web space, being able to upload your files on the server.

After being connected successfully you can see two browser windows below. The left one shows the directory structure of your local disk and the right one the directory structure of the server.



To upload a locally stored file on your EUserv web space just use the drag&drop function and drag the file from the left to the right browser window.


During the file transfer you are shown the file type, in which direction they are transferred, how many successful/corrupt transfers have been made and how many files are still pending.


Establishing a connection with your web space via the "Quickconnect" bar


It's also possible to establish an FTP connection in FIleZilla with the "Quickconnect" bar.

To this enter the following data into the upper task bar: 'Server:' ein, 'Username': your username and under 'Password:' your password.



Now click on "Quickconnect" and FileZilla will connect with your web space.

In case you have set up your connection via the Site Manager you can select your server from the arrow button next to the Quickconnect button. 

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