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How I can publish my files with Web To Date?

Web To Date – Publishing via FTP


With Web To Date you have the possibility to publish your website via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

To do so you have to make the FTP-settings first. Choose "File" -> "Website and FTP-Settings". This will open the window "Website-Settings". 

There you have to navigate to the Publish tab.


Enter the FTP-host, FTP-logonname and FTP-password into the according fields. You received the required information from EUserv.

Enter /www/data in to the FTP-Remote-Folder field.

If you want to store files in a sub-directory on your shared host, enter the name of the subdirectory additionally into the FTP-Remote-Folder field.

Under HTTP-Target-URL you have to enter the URL, from which your website is supposed to be reachable on the internet. When all settings regarding FTP are made you can publish your site. To this choose "File" -> "Publish Website". If you have made interim changes on the site, you will be asked to create a new website.

You have to follow the instruction and run again the command "Publish Website".

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