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How can I switch payment type to direct debit?

To switch you payment type to "Direct Debit" via SEPA Direct Debit, please follow these instructions:


  • Log in with your user data in Control Panel
  • Select "Payment method" in left menu
  • Select "Direct debit" and enter your bank details
  • Check your entry and press "save" to complete the process.


Please do not use any special characters in the "Account Owner" field (examples: "/", "\", "$", "?", "&", ".").

In order to be able to participate in the direct debit process, your customer or bank account must first be verified. This is done by a one-time bank transfer. Only after minimum one payment via bank-transfer it is possible to switch your payment method to "direct debit".

Important notes about BIC:
The BIC must always be 11 digits. Fill up the BIC with "XXX" or your 3-digit branch number if you just have a BIC with less that 11 digits. The branch number can be obtained from your supervising bank.


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